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  • Sun Life - Rotational Leadership Development Program

    Our Leadership Development Program will give you a jump-start on how to achieve success in the world of domestic and international business. This three-year rotational program includes a multi-faceted, accelerated business curriculum designed to help you build leadership skills and reach your personal career goals. In addition to the possibility of international rotations, you’ll be involved in CEO-sponsored strategic projects and community outreach initiatives as part of the program… Learn more

    Sun Life (Financial Services)
    Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario

    Helping you achieve lifetime financial security. That’s the essence of Sun Life’s brand, as relevant today as it has been for the past 140 years.

    How do we do it? We gather insights into your needs and future trends, then translate those insights into action. We create financial products and services that empower you to act with confidence for a brighter future. We also partner with leading distributors of those products to grow their businesses, setting a new standard for partner relationships. It’s why so many advisors and their clients find life brighter under the sun.

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