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  • Genentech - Process Development Rotational Program (PDRP)

    The Process Development (PD) organization functions as the bridge between research and manufacturing, taking processes from laboratory bench-scale to manufacturing-scale. The mission of PD is to design, develop, scale-up and implement cost-effective production systems and technologies for therapeutic drug candidates to fulfill the demands of Genentech's Research, Development, Commercial and Production Operations groups.…  Learn more

    Genentech (Biotechnology)
    Headquarters: South San Francisco, California

    Considered the founder of the biotechnology industry, Genentech has been delivering on the promise of biotechnology for more than 30 years, using human genetic information to discover, develop, manufacture and commercialize medicines to treat patients with serious or life-threatening medical conditions. Today, Genentech is among the world's leading biotech companies, with multiple products  on the market and a promising development pipeline. For more general information about the company, visit our corporate overview section.

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